Carnevale in Venice

Jamie is a talented photographer that is now based in Ferrara, Italy. His photos are available for purchase.
Photo credits: Jamie Johnson,, Facebook:

Keeping on with the theme of Venice, I want to talk about Carnevale, or Carnival, since this city’s is one of the most famous of the world. The celebration of Carnevale has an old pagan origin and in the more recent Catholic tradition it symbolizes a period of fun before Lent and Easter. If you’d like to find out more about Carnevale, see this link: . This celebration, attracting thousands of visitors, is especially spectacular in this city, with its re-enactments, ornate masks and costumes; you can see a sample in the beautiful picture by Jamie Johnson, a talented photographer based in Ferrara, Italy. Should you make time to see it? Yes, at least for a day. It is a one of a kind event in a lifetime for most. What to expect? If you go on a weekend, or on martedi grasso (Fat Tuesday or Mardi gras) be prepared for huge crowds. The town police will be directing pedestrian traffic just like it does on traditional roads, standing in intersections of calli, small pedestrian alleys, to allow the human flow to walk in one direction or the other. Would I be bringing a small child in a stroller or pram? No, I wouldn’t, I personally think it’d be too tiring and stressful. For a list of events and further information, check this website: Also check my other blog entries about Venice for tips on eating, drinking, transportation and on how to avoid tourist traps. Have fun and enjoy Carnevale!

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